Blue Planet's Raw Food Festival, June 16-22 or June 19-22, 2014 Welcome to an amazing Raw Food Event ! Go to Blue Planet's Raw Food Festival for more information

The Raw Food Chef and Living Food Instructor certification consists of:

Raw Chef I, II, III which are modules of 3,5 days each and a 3,5 day Raw Food Festival. Go to Classes for more information and Schedule for exact dates available near you.


Become a volunteer!

Want to become a Raw Food Chef and Living Food Instructor but do not have the money? Volunteers help with the practical during classes and with adverticement. We are currently seeking volunteers with grafic design skills, lifestyle bloggers and photographers.

THE BLUE PLANET brings a new consciousness where raw/living food serves as the foundation for mankinds leap into the 21st century. Join us in vibrant health, peace, joy and the power of a clear mind. Experience Raw Food World Cuisine as we go on a world tour and take part in our expanding Raw Chef network and vision for our blue planet; Food for the World.

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