Creative Health Institute

Creative Health Institute, often called “The Wheatgrass Place”, is a health learning center in Michigan, USA, which provides a natural program of body purification, nutrition and rejuvenation through the use of fresh raw fruits, vegetables, juices, nuts, sprouted seeds, grains, beans, chlorophyll rich greens and wheatgrass juice. We provide a total solution.

At Creative Health Institute, we teach the raw living foods philosophy as originated by the late Dr. Ann Wigmore, who taught here for many years. A philosophy that is very simple at its core; when you build your immune system to its most powerful level your body can heal itself of any health challenge. Students come here to experience the natural health transforming benefits of wheatgrass and other living foods while learning how to integrate these into their own lifestyles.

  • Teaching wellness that works since 1973

  • We are the longest running hands on raw living foods program operating in the same location, for 37 years

  • Over 15,000 graduates

  • We are a learning facility

  • We sell no supplements and our focus is entirely on your learning the skills to live a raw/living food lifestyle

Tel: +01-(866) 426-1213

Living Food Global Center - Ann Wigmore's Living and Raw Food Health Center in Europe

At Living Food Global Center they have the most profound knowledge and experience with Living Food in Sweden. The owner and program director, Anita Svensson was trained by Dr. Ann Wigmore herself and authorized as her follower. Anita Svensson started the Living Food movement in Sweden in 1982 and has since then contributed in several Tv programs and given speaches all over the country. With her 27 years in the Living Food business Anita Svensson has graduated and helped more than 5000 people

Risäters Herrgård

In the heart of Wermland close to a lake with open nature you find Risäters Herrgård. The retreat center is from the end of year 1600 and with its beauty and peace it offers you something extraordinary. For more than 10 years it has been a center for educations in the area of health and spirituality. Educations like massage, reflexology, free movement dance, yoga and shamanic ceremony. The place is filled with harmony and you will definitely feel this energy. This gives you an opportunity to relax deeply and at the same time focus more easily on your teachings. Here you have a sauna, a big open grass field that goes down to the lake were you have your own private beach. The nature is strong, beautiful and serene. Here you will be able to optimize your retreat, your course or whatever gathering that is focused around human potential.

Risäters Herrgård

683 93 Råda

Tel: +46-(0)563-603 06
Fax: +46-(0)563-603 16

Open World Cafe

The first Open World Café was opened in the Stockholm suburb of Danderyd in 2007. Brazilian furniture and art made of recycled wood fill this harmonious space, which many regulars refer to as “their second living room”.

We offer organic homemade lunches and delicious Brazilian coffee (coffee beans come from the farm where 'Replanting a Rainforest' takes place), usually to the sound of bossa nova and jazz tunes.

For more information or directions, please visit or contact us:

Sätraängsvägen 134 · 18237 Danderyd · T: +46 (8) 622 6703